Thursday, March 18, 2010

Helping Equip Ethiopian Pastors

SIM helped establish the evangelical Church in Ethiopia over 100 years ago.  One indigenous denomination that grew out of that work now has approx. 7 million believers in over 8,000 churches.

Today SIM is responding to the current needs in the country and in areas where the Ethiopian Church desires to be strengthened.

Ethiopia Graduate School Theology leaders One area is Bible and seminary training for Ethiopian pastors.  SIM was instrumental in helping to start the first Bible college that is now graduating over 100 Ethiopians each year.  Just a few years ago SIM worked with three Ethiopian denominations to help them establish the first Ethiopian evangelical seminary – the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology.  Above I am with the administrator and president of the school and our SIM Ethiopia director, Steve Bryan.

Small world story - The faculty of both schools are Ethiopians and a few expatriates.  I met the young couple below, Jason and Cara Meyer.  Jason finished his Ph.D. from Southern Seminary and he and Cara went out with SIM for the past two years.

Bethlehem Baptist connection As we talked, I discovered they will be relocating to Minneapolis in a few months after their service in Addis with SIM.  He will be faculty at a new seminary that John Piper is starting.   I mentioned to Jason that a childhood friend of mine, Sam Crabtree, is executive pastor with John Piper.  Jason said Sam was also pastor at his home church in South Dakota when Jason was growing up.  And we made the connection in Addis!

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