Friday, March 19, 2010

B & B in Nairobi

Our country review team is staying at a bed and breakfast retreat center about 15 minutes from downtown Nairobi.  This will be home for 2 weeks, except for a day or two where we might travel to another city or two.

retreat lodge

team planning

The country review team (pictured above meeting with some of the leaders of SIM Kenya) has come together very well.  We are six people from five different countries.

Monday I am the chapel speaker at Scott Theological Seminary, so I would appreciate your prayers for that.  And thank you to those who have emailed me personal notes to let me know you are praying. 

By the way, did North Carolina Tar Heels even get an invitation to the NIT?

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Jim W from Colorado said...


To answer your question about the Tar Heels making the NIT......they actually were invited to the North Carolina High School State Championship.