Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Expanding to South India

...A leadership team of church and ministry leaders are expanding Asian Access to South India.

...While in India 10 days ago, I had the privilege of meeting two of the four leaders.
...Pictured above from left to right are:
Mike Hoisington, serving as a coach to the Indian leaders as they launch this new ministry. Mike has an equipping ministry across the world with pastors in developing countries.
Pastor Jeyakaran and Mark Visvasam, Campus Crusade south India director are two of the four leaders helping to start Asian Access in South India. They are volunteering their time because they see such a need for transformational leadership training needed for the emerging pastoral leaders in India.
Pastor David Dayalan leads Asian Access India, while also pastoring a church south of Delhi. I serve as a coach for David Dayalan, as well as oversee the Asian Access ministry across Asia.

...They are planning to hold their first session in May 2008. Right now they are interviewing perspective pastors.

Graduation in Delhi

...I fell behind in blogging. Ten days ago I return from Delhi, India, was home for 24 hours and then flew on to Los Angeles. I am now back home and catching up while fighting off jet-lag.

...The time in Delhi with the pastors pictured below was a privilege and blessing. This was the last of seven week-long sessions that the pastors completed over two years in the Asian Access pastoral training.

...This was their week of presenting their vision and strategy papers and graduation.
...Here stand the graduating pastors. They are from across north India representing churches reaching out to Indians, Nepalese, Chinese and other nationalities; rural villagers, urban professionals and slum dwellers; religious and agnostics. I am pictured to the left. In the middle is Dr./Rev. David Bennett from Boston, MA and board member with Asian Access who gave the keynote address at the graduation. Pictured far right is Mike Hoisington, who was a faculty member and is now helping Indians launch Asian Access in south India.
...Wives and children came to celebrate the graduation of their husbands and fathers. Several church elders came to encourage their pastor at the graduation.

...In addition to presenting their vision and strategy papers during the week the pastors received instruction and discussed the importance of having small groups as part of their church strategy for fellowship and outreach. Pastor Kumar from south India came to share how his church of 8,000 is a large church made up of small groups that help connect people, develop leaders and reach out into the community.
...David Dayalan, picture in the middle, leads Asian Access India. He and I joined Pastor Subodh John, picture far left, with his wife and young daughter and Pastor John's parents who came to celebrate his graduation from the two year pastoral training.
...Pastor Subodh is currently pastoring a church among urban professionals, however in a few months he will be assuming leadership of the ministry that his father founded that includes a network of churches, a church planting initiative and schools. This is a good example of how Asian Access invests in a select group of pastors who are the emerging leaders of the Church in India.