Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Serving in Chennai on the Bay of Bengal

...I just wrapped up my time in Chennai with the first "batch" of pastors in the South India Asian Access training. North Americans call it a class. Indians call the group a batch, as they use the king's English as a result of the Great Britain influence....It's Wednesday evening here. CNN is on TV here, broadcasting the results from the U.S. election, but it still seems so distant from home - because it is.

...What a great group of 18 pastors from three major cities. They represent a broad segment of various denominations, but have faith in Christ and the scriptures as our common points of unity.
...They formed quick bonds and friendship in just a few short days, just like pastors in other Asian Access training across Asia. Asians are so relational. They quickly embrace new people.
...Mike Hoisington did the majority of the teaching, with me covering a couple of sessions. Gratefully, Mike has regained his strength and did an excellent job on the topic of the week of discipleship. You will read on a post below that Mike had emergency surgery last week. While swallowing continues to be a bit painful, his voice was not effected. He taught on.
...Learning not only took place from lectures, but also through the rich interaction among the pastors as they wrestled with the material and discussed how to apply it within their ministry context.

...What a joy to hear their stories and the scope of their churches. Several have thousands in their congregations and have already planted multiple churches. Yet they said that Asian Access provided a very unique opportunity, not found in the broad selection of training available to pastors in South India - learning in a community of peers with an emphasis on life and ministry transformation.

...Tomorrow, Thursday, I fly up to Delhi and then catch my flight back to the States. It will be a bit of a cultural, climate and time warp, but a heart filled with gratitude to serve such quality people was these pastors.

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